SkyWeather2 Version 27.6 Issue

On May 7, 2022, SwitchDocLabs released Version 27.6 of their SkyWeather2 software suite. A few days later, I was notified by a user that my SkyWeather2 install script failed.

pi@skyweather2:~/SDL_Pi_Skyweather2 $ sudo mysql -u root -p <  WeatherSenseWireless.sql
Enter password:
ERROR 1046 (3D000) at line 5: No database selected

This error was not caused by my script.  It is caused by an error in the SkyWeather2 SQL scripts.

A couple of years ago, I bought a SkyWeather2 system but did not purchase the software SDCard. I was not willing to pay an additional $35 on top of the cost of the system. I soon discovered downloading the SkyWeather2 software on Github and running the main Python script does not work.

After a couple of days of figuring out, by trial-and-error, all of the required dependencies, I had my system up and running. To save others the pain I went through, I created a bash script that installs the complete system requirements including detailed documentation.

The latest SkyWeather2 software contains some updates to the SQL database schemas. The problem is, the .sql scripts provided in the release assume you already have a working system installed from their SDCard.

In other words, the SkyWeather2 .sql scripts (4 of them) do not create the databases. They only update/expand existing databases.

I posted a comment on their support blog with details of the issue. Until and unless they release a .sql script that creates all of the databases from scratch, there is no way to install their system without purchasing the SDCard they sell.

I am sorry to report this situation, but there is not much I can do to keep my installation script project alive and working. SwitchDocLabs makes money on the SDCard, so there is not a lot motivating them to support this project.





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  1. I purchased a download link for their SD card and too be honest the installation stinks. For some reason the country code cannot be set other than USA, they have hardcoded a dns entry into resolv.conf, the git pull request to update to latest version doesnt work. All in all very amateur and I think they should fund you as your installation process acftually works without any user involement.

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