Hacking the AM2315 Humidity Sensor

NOTE: This content of this page is no longer relevant. Please go here for the latest AM2315 implementation “How-To.”


I recently discovered the AOSONG AM2315 humidity/temperature sensor and was quite intrigued. This is a very accurate and affordable device that is a nice addition to a current project. Supposedly, this device is i2c compliant, so I figured it would be easy to talk to. Little did I know….

After hacking around for a couple of long days I was able to get the device working on my breadboard with a Pi Cobbler. Google and forum searches determined there are a lot of people struggling to get the device to work.

So, Sopwith decided to write-up his adventure with the AM2315 and provide a very detailed step-by-step guide with screenshots.

I hope this helps save my fellow smoke-breathers some time and frustration.


Sopwith smells smoke…

Sopwith here. I’m just one of those guys who likes to understand how things work. More often though, when I mess with things they tend to break. Specifically, when I mess with electronic components I often smell smoke.

This blog is a public forum where you can follow along as Sopwith makes smoke.